Coachella Essentials

So you're headed to Coachella?!! Well 1st off I want to say, "Get ready" because you're in for a real treat. My friends & I had the opportunity to attend Beychella (Coachella 2018) and I can describe it in one word "Epic". I know what you're thinking (Oh because the Queen was there). Grant it she's the icing on any cake, but the vibe of the entire festival needs to be experienced by all. I felt as though I was on a different planet or in some sort of bubble. Everyone was kind & free spirited no matter their race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Coachella is basically what the real world should be like as far as how to treat each other. Now lets get down to the good stuff. You definitely need to be prepared last year was my 1st time so I had no idea on what I was walking into. I've prepared a list of Coachella essentials for 1st timers!! 

  • Pack comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. 
  • Lord Jesus have some sort of mask!! I cant stress that enough. All the dust and smoke will just about kill you. 
  • You don't have to stay on the festival grounds to get the full experience. We stayed in Palm Springs and there were checkpoints w/ charter buses to get you to and from. We stayed in a really cool Airbnb.
  • Bring a jacket, kimono, or cute cover-up it gets super chilly in the evenings. 
  • STAY HYDRATED! Keep water on you at all times and I mean at all times.(you'll thank me later) 
  • You cant bring in outside foods, but they have food EVERYWHERE! All types of food from Asian Cuisine, BBQ, or Hamburgers just to name a few.
  • There is sooo much to do and see outside of the performances so plan out your itinerary each day to ensure you get the best experience. 
  • Your favorite fanny pack 
  • Battery pack for your cellphone (They have some available out there to purchase, but I found a great one on Amazon.)





And ultimately HAVE A BLAST!!